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Thursday 10 December 2015

How to Add New "Featured Post" Blogger Widget

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Today Blogger Introduced us with a new Widget " Featured Post " which helps you to Highlight a Special Post .

Read - New Featured Post Blogger Widget lets you to Highlight Special posts

So Here is a Guide on How to Add Blogger's new " Featured Post "  on your Blogger Website -

Step 1. Open 

Step 2. Click on your Blog ( On which you want to add Featured Post Widget ) .

Step 3. Go to Layout 

Step 4. Click on Add a Gadget .

Step 5. Select Featured Post in the Popup menu .

Step 6. Now Choose your Post which you want to Highlight .

Step 7. Click Save .


  1. If we wish to add two or more post?

    1. Currently , Blogger only allows one featured post from a blog . But I will post a trick in few days , to include 2 or more featured posts widget in a blog .