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Tuesday 6 September 2016

How to get Google Adsense Approval in 2020

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Google Adsense is one of the best Ad network to monetize any blog or website . Google Adsense is better than approx all the ad networks across the internet .

How to get Google Adsense Approval in 2016
How to get Google Adsense Approval in 2016

Every month thousands of website or blogs apply for Google adsense and only few lucky users gets a chance to get Adsense approval . 

Today I will be writing a simple a simple Trick and Tips to get Google Adsense Approval in 2016 -

1. High level Domain name -

First and foremost thing is Domain name . You have to purchase a domain name with premium extension (.com or org) that will make it more SEO friendly.

2. Simple Blog Design -

Make you blog simpler and colorful . Don't use any extra widgets or designs to make your blog more dynamic . Just make your blog Simple and sober . 

Include navigation tabs into your blog which links to About Page , Contact Us .

More simpler your blog design , more chances of Adsense approval . It doesn't matter whether you use WordPress or blogger , All matters is your blog design and content .

3. High-Quality Content -

" Content is king " , If you will write a high quality content than your chances to get Adsense approval will be high . One should write approx 200-300 words article with included images .

4. Sufficient Contents or Posts -

Your blog should have at least 10-15 posts before applying for Adsense . Many blogs says that one need atlease 50-100 posts for getting Adsense approved , But Google only needs a proper high quality sufficient content to approve your Blog .

Even my Blog with 10-15 posts got adsense approved ( 2 years ago ) in a single hit .

5. Age of domain doesn't matter -

Many blogs and even Adsense says that your Domain need to be at leaset 6 months old , but that't totally wrong ! Google doesn't approve or disapprove on the basis of  age of the domain .

I have two domains which got adsnese approved withing a month of buying that domains . All that matters is Blog Design , Content and No. of posts .

6. Visitors Are Not a Factor for Approval -

Well Google doesn't approve or disapprove on the basis of  visitors or pageviews . If your blog design is good enough and content is of high quality then you might get Adsense .

All you need is a Good simple blog design , 10-15 posts and high quality content , a good domain name 

Sunday 20 December 2015

Reddit's r/Android is just a Collection of Selected Blogs / Websites !

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Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links , But thats not all about Reddit !

I was a Reddit user and used to get latest tech news and only for Entertainment purpose , But the thing is Reddit is all about the links and text post of selected blogs . I had posted articles on Reddit of many small blogs ( Which deserves a place on Reddit ) , but r/Android mods just deleted the articles / Links ,  and when you post the same Article but just a different link  ( like GSMarena , Android Central etc ) they get approved easily ! . 

If you writes Original Tech Articles and wants to share it to Reddit's r/Android than you will get banned , because Reddit only approves articles of big Websites which includes -

Gsmarena , Phonearena , Sammobile , Android police , Android Authority , Android Central , Ars technica , Droid-life , Xda and few more ...

To prove this i made a account on Reddit and Posted this on r/Android -


(Sorry for my English ) Its been more than a year that i have been on reddit , i only open r/android and r/motog to get latest news and gossips about Android smartphones .
The thing is i only see the links of Android authority , Android Central , Android Police , gsmarena, Ars technica , Droid-life , Anand tech and few more ( i don't remember ).
I want to ask that is r/android is a collection of selected blogs website only ? Are psoting the link of small blogs , who are main source of information are allowed ?
Recently in these 1-2 days i saw a article of gsmarena whose main source was a small blog .. But no one posted the source link !
Even i tried posting a links with my previous accounts of small blogs with real source , my account got blocked by reddit ..
I mean is this r/android only collection of selected blogs , or there is a partnership of reddit and these blogs ? If thats it , i can't believe how you are supporting it !

 I was sure enough that they will not approve this on r/Android , After few seconds i got a message -

Please message the mods for items like these.
In most cases, those who are submitting sources from smaller websites are just spam accounts made solely to self promote. 

And Finally the time came after 1-2 minutes , they decided to ban me !

 You have been banned from /r/Android for making an alternate account to circumvent a ban.This was stated in your ban message and is against reddit's Terms of Service.

So , why they banned me ?

- Because they were wrong ?
- Just Because i made a new account to just ask a question ?
- Just because they can't answer my question !

That is the only truth about Reddit and r/Android ( So called largest collection of Tech news ) and only that is the reason that reddit is on 32 ( Alexa Rank Globally ) .

It doesn't matter at all to Reddit Mods , but r/Android and many tech related Communities Really "Sucks" !

Thursday 10 December 2015

How to Add New "Featured Post" Blogger Widget

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Today Blogger Introduced us with a new Widget " Featured Post " which helps you to Highlight a Special Post .

Read - New Featured Post Blogger Widget lets you to Highlight Special posts

So Here is a Guide on How to Add Blogger's new " Featured Post "  on your Blogger Website -

Step 1. Open 

Step 2. Click on your Blog ( On which you want to add Featured Post Widget ) .

Step 3. Go to Layout 

Step 4. Click on Add a Gadget .

Step 5. Select Featured Post in the Popup menu .

Step 6. Now Choose your Post which you want to Highlight .

Step 7. Click Save .

New Featured Post Blogger Widget lets you to Highlight Special posts

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We all know that how important is for Bloggers to post articles on daily basis in order to encourage readers to come back . But with this daily posting strategy , Some times it gets harder for users to find a post , that many of them are interested in .

Today , Blogger released a new Widget called " Featured Post Widget " , which helps bloggers to promote a particular article that user are interested in .

Featured Post at TechDroider

You can only add one Featured Widget article with only One Featured Post . 

To Add This new featured post - Read Here How to Add new Featured Post Widget on Blogger .

Monday 2 November 2015

How to Prevent Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific URLs

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Most of us have seen that Blogger usually redirects Blogspot url to Country-Specific URLs . For example if you are living in India , and if you will open -

Then this above url will be redirected to -

But now you can Prevent Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific URLs .

How to Prevent Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific URLs -

Step 1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and Choose Template .

Step 2. Click Edit HTML

Step 3. Search <head> tag .

Step 4. Copy and Paste below html code under <head> Tag .

<script type="text/javascript">
var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {
blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, "");

Step 5. Click on Save .

Thanks to for sharing this trick . Now your Blogspot url will not be redirected to any country specific url !

Saturday 24 October 2015

How to Make Free YouTube Intro Video with Blender

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YouTube , The video sharing beast . YouTube is the best Site to Share your videos and earn money out of it .

Even Today you can start A YouTube Channel and make money through monetizing your videos . 

Also visit - TechDroider YouTube Channel

For a Great YouTube Channel , you need an amazing Intro that will describe your channel in just 5-15 seconds . YouTubers can make an amazing intro through a free software called Blender .

Download Blender from - Here

Just install Blender on your Desktop . Now you need a template that will suit your YouTube Channel . There are thousands of Blender Template available . You can find most of them on YouTube .

Find Free Blender Template - Here

 Once you have downloaded Blender template , You can now Extract it using win zip . Now Open the folder > then just double click on the template ( It will open Blender ) .

Now You have to just edit the intro template video , You can just Right click on the text and press shift and edit the text Accordingly . You can Set Camera , edit all the stuffs , add animation and all .

After you have done all the Stuffs , Just choose the file directory ( where you will save your video ) , Choose the extension and Just Click on Render animation .

It will take 2-3 hours , for the video to be rendered !

You Can Watch full video on how to make YouTube Video with blender -


 Feel free to comment below !

Friday 23 January 2015

How to Get Refund from GoDaddy

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Many of us sometimes buy Domain and Hosting from GoDaddy and Some times it do not satisfy our demands ! 

Same happened with me , I bought Hosting from GoDaddy and i transferred my blog from blogger to WordPress ( Hosted one ) . I Started getting decent traffic again on my blog and after few hours got a mail from GoDaddy -

And after few more hours , my website was down ! So i have decided to get a refund and get my money back . So follow the below steps to get your refund from GoDaddy .
Note refund policy  -

1. You may request a full refund within 48 hours of purchase for monthly products.

2. You may request a full refund within 45 days of purchase for annual products .

Head ahead to Steps To Get Refund if your Products meets Refund Policy .

How to Get Refund from GoDaddy

Step 1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Account .

Step 2. Now click on My Account and Click on My Payments .

Step 3. Now you will see product billing and just take the Mouse cursor to the product you wanna get refund of and click on the Option Cancel Item .

Step 4. Go to GoDaddy Customer support and Chat to their Customer Support executive and ask him for a refund . ( Say him every thing that why you don't want his hosting  or domain , Also say him that I have already cancelled the Product and i want a refund for the same , Thanks )

You will get your Money back in just 2 days !