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Saturday 24 October 2015

How to Make Free YouTube Intro Video with Blender

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YouTube , The video sharing beast . YouTube is the best Site to Share your videos and earn money out of it .

Even Today you can start A YouTube Channel and make money through monetizing your videos . 

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For a Great YouTube Channel , you need an amazing Intro that will describe your channel in just 5-15 seconds . YouTubers can make an amazing intro through a free software called Blender .

Download Blender from - Here

Just install Blender on your Desktop . Now you need a template that will suit your YouTube Channel . There are thousands of Blender Template available . You can find most of them on YouTube .

Find Free Blender Template - Here

 Once you have downloaded Blender template , You can now Extract it using win zip . Now Open the folder > then just double click on the template ( It will open Blender ) .

Now You have to just edit the intro template video , You can just Right click on the text and press shift and edit the text Accordingly . You can Set Camera , edit all the stuffs , add animation and all .

After you have done all the Stuffs , Just choose the file directory ( where you will save your video ) , Choose the extension and Just Click on Render animation .

It will take 2-3 hours , for the video to be rendered !

You Can Watch full video on how to make YouTube Video with blender -


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