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Friday 23 January 2015

How to Get Refund from GoDaddy

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Many of us sometimes buy Domain and Hosting from GoDaddy and Some times it do not satisfy our demands ! 

Same happened with me , I bought Hosting from GoDaddy and i transferred my blog from blogger to WordPress ( Hosted one ) . I Started getting decent traffic again on my blog and after few hours got a mail from GoDaddy -

And after few more hours , my website was down ! So i have decided to get a refund and get my money back . So follow the below steps to get your refund from GoDaddy .
Note refund policy  -

1. You may request a full refund within 48 hours of purchase for monthly products.

2. You may request a full refund within 45 days of purchase for annual products .

Head ahead to Steps To Get Refund if your Products meets Refund Policy .

How to Get Refund from GoDaddy

Step 1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Account .

Step 2. Now click on My Account and Click on My Payments .

Step 3. Now you will see product billing and just take the Mouse cursor to the product you wanna get refund of and click on the Option Cancel Item .

Step 4. Go to GoDaddy Customer support and Chat to their Customer Support executive and ask him for a refund . ( Say him every thing that why you don't want his hosting  or domain , Also say him that I have already cancelled the Product and i want a refund for the same , Thanks )

You will get your Money back in just 2 days ! 


  1. Who did you use for hosting afterward and how has that compared to Go Daddy as far as service and cost?

  2. GoDaddy Customer Care Number is one of the most searched for any helpline in India. Its provides you differnt languages customer care contact also.

  3. man, i have experienced the worst user support at godaddy
    1. difficult to reach
    2. very costly call
    3. The support is useles, i mean from day 1 they were not able to solve a single problem

    people still purchase from it, just its best advertised and one of cheapest

  4. How can i send some ticket/chat for godaddy support? i've search entire website of godaddy but found nothing.. stupid!

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