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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Top apps which a blogger must have on their android devices

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Bloggers are every where now , There are total Crores of blogs and the number get increased by thousands daily . Daily a no. of bloggers buy domains or get free blog from . So i have decided to make a blogger friendly post , here is a list of Top 5 apps which a blogger must have on their android devices .

1. Blogger -

70% of the bloggers make free blogs from or buy a domain and get free hosting from . Blogger is a very useful apps for bloggers . Most of the time , we are not in a position to open computer and post an article or news to our Blog , so Blogger makes it easy to do so . You can easily type by your android device and Post it on your blog . Even it gives option to share also to Google plus , Facebook and many more places .

You can download blogger from  - Play store 

2. WordPress -

WordPress is another platform which 30% of the bloggers use as their hosting . provides hosting but it is not free of cost , you have to buy hosting from hosting companies , the you have to install WordPress .Then you can start making posts and as i said earlier , that sometimes we are unable to use Desktop because of any reasons , so we can install this free worpress app from play store and write articles from it and post it on our blogs .

You can download WordPress from  - Play store 

3. Disqus -

Many of the bloggers use Disqus as their comment posting system . Disqus detect spam and It also ask admin to publish the comment or not , as some comments are spam so admin can easily not allow these comments to be get posted on their blogs . Disqus app allows en ease to bloggers so that they can easily approve the comments , as i said that we are not close to our pc every time , so we can use disqus app to manage comments on our blog and also to reply again to comments .

( Note - Disqus is now not available in Play store , so u can download Disqus by goggling it )

4. Social Sharing apps - 

This is a very must app which a blogger should have , in order to increase its blog fan list and to share its News to their fans . These must apps includes . - Facebook , Facebook fan page manager , Google plus , Twitter and Pinterest . All of the apps are available in Play store , You can download them just by typing it on play store . 

5. Adsense -

A  must app that all bloggers are willing that they must have and they can see their earnings . Adsense is the best app to track your earnings on your android devices . Adsense of android gets updated itself , also we dont have to refresh it , it get refreshed itself . You can full information of your earnings .

You can download Adsense from  - Play store 


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